The Instrument Rating Course is designed to teach pilots to operate aircraft in lowvisibility environments, such as heavy cloud cover or heavy rain. The flight lessons in this course provide pilots with the knowledge to rely solely on instruments to navigate the aircraft in situations where they cannot rely on visual instincts.

As many pilots can attest, weather conditions do not always permit the sole reliance on visual flying tactics. This restricts the ability to fly on certain days. The Instrument Rating is essential for any pilot looking to improve flight safety. It is also the next step in the pursuit of a career in flying. Pilots without the rating are prevented from operating aircraft in certain weather conditions where visibility is greatly reduced. Therefore, this limits their maximum allowable altitude, restricts the ability to operate the aircraft at night, and more.

Holding an Instrument Rating also allows pilots the ability to operate under an IFR flight plan, which provides Air Traffic Control services not available to VFR pilots except upon special request. These include traffic advisories, airspace transitions, and vectors. When operating in high-volume airspace, these privileges are a significant advantage.


• A valid Pakistani PPL or Higher license.
• A valid Class 1 Medical Certificate by CAMB. However, the holders of PPL with Class 2 medical is acceptable

Course Structure

Ground Training:

In order to earn your Instrument Rating, the CAA will require demonstration of adequate knowledge in the following subjects in the written examinations:

• Radio Navigation & Instrumentation
• Instrument Procedures

Flight Training:

The Student Pilots undergoing training for the IR shall have to complete their Instrument Flying Training requirements. The requirement is to fly 40 hours of Instrument Flying.

Exercise Flying Hours
(Min Required)
Logging Remarks
Instrument P-3 20 P3 At the discretion of CFI. P-1/P-3/Solo hours as required for the exercises.
Instrument P-1 20 P1 U/S May be flown as IFR Cross Country.
Instrument time 40 - May include 20 hours Instrument ground time on an approved simulator.

Flying Rate

Member Per hour flying rate (advance) Rs. **,***/=
Non-member per hour flying rate (advance) Rs. **,***/=

Subject to fuel price adjustments.
A Security Deposit will be required before flying