Private Pilot Licence (PPL) can be the first step to the pilot career. The objective of PPL course is to train new pilots to operate single engine airplanes under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). Learning how to fly an aircraft is a challenging but rewarding experience, going solo being the initial objective, subsequently leading to a Private Pilot Licence (PPL). After this course completion the student will be able to fly for his/her own pleasure alone, with his/her family, or friends.


• Minimum age of 18 years old
• Medical certificate from the CAA (Class 1 or Class 2)
• Educational qualification of at least Matric, or the equivalent.
• FRTOL (Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence) is the radio licence you need to legally be able to use the radio in an aircraft.
• ELP Level -4 (English Language Proficiency) You need to be able to meet English language requirements to use an aeronautical radio.
Academy will help you to get these.

Course Structure

Ground Training:

Duration: 3 Months (in-house)

The purpose of ground training is to prepare the students to pass theory exams at CAA, Theory part covers all 9 Private Pilot’s License subjects.

The CAA will require demonstration of adequate knowledge in the following subjects:

• Air Law
• Aircraft General Knowledge
• Flight Performance and Planning
• Human Performance and Limitations
• Meteorology
• Navigation
• Operational Procedures
• Principles of Flight
• Radiotelephony

Flight Training:

Duration: 5 Months

Exercise Flying Hours
(Min Required)
Logging Remarks
General Flying 30 P 1/P 3/Solo At the discretion of CFI (General flying, Circuits, Cross country).
Solo 10 P 1 Including 5 hours of Solo X-Country with one cross country totaling not less than 150 NM in the course of which two full stop landings at different aerodromes shall be made.
Total Hours 40 P 1/P 3/Solo May include upto 5 hours on an Approved simulator.
Description Amount
Registration Fee PKR 25,000 (Non-Refundable)
Membership Fee PKR 20,000 (Annually)
Security Deposit PKR 50,000 (Refundable)
Ground Training (PPL) PKR 180,000
Total Ground Fee PKR 275,000

Flying Rate

Member Per hour flying rate on Cessna 172 (advance) Rs. **,***/=
Non-member per hour flying rate on Cessna 172 (advance) Rs. **,***/=

Member Per hour flying rate on Cessna 150/152 (advance) Rs. **,***/=
Non-member per hour flying rate on Cessna 150/152 (advance) Rs. **,***/=

Rate can be changed subjected fuel price adjusments
A Security Deposit will be required before flying

Cessna 172: **,*** x 40 Hours = Rs. ***,***/-
Cessna 150/152: **,*** x 40 Hours = Rs. ***,***/-

    Total estimate cost for Private Pilot License on Cessna 172 is Rs. *,***,***/--
     Total estimate cost for Private Pilot License on Cessna 150/152 is Rs. ***,***/-

*This is based on the minimum number of hours required by the CAA to earn a Private Pilot’s License within an integrated course. Students who do not complete the course within the stipulated amount of time automatically go into a “Modular Course” category and will have to undergo additional flying training as per CAA requirements.