Business Pilot Course

The Business Pilot Course is exclusively designed to cater for the special category of people belonging to various professions who intend to learn flying and subsequently want to fly to various locations for the purpose of their business or pleasure

The Business Pilot Course constitutes of acquiring PPL and endorsements of Instrument Rating, Passenger Rating and Night Rating on the PPL.

General Requirements for Business Pilot Course:

The person who intends to take the Business Pilot Course must possess valid Pakistani SPL or PPL and valid Class 2 Medical Certificate by CAMB, CAA, Pakistan.

Aeronautical Knowledge:

Business Pilot Course involves the endorsement of Instrument and Passenger Ratings on the PPL, the course will include ground instructions covering the syllabus for IR which includes the following:

■ Air Law relevant to the flight under IFR

■ Radio Aids: principles of operation, serviceability, limitations, errors, uses and procedures related to a particular aid including procedures in case of malfunctions

■ Aircraft Instruments: principles of operation, serviceability, limitations, errors, uses and procedures in case of malfunctions

■ IFR Flight Preparation and Planning

■ Human Performance and Limitations relevant to Instrument Flights

■ Practical Navigation using Radio Navigation Aids

■ Radiotelephony procedures related to IFR Flights

Aeronautical Experience:

The Student Pilot undergoing the Business Pilot Course will complete the requirements laid down for the issue of Instrument Rating (Airplane) on Single Engine Aircraft. The issue of Instrument Rating requires at least 50 hours PIC Cross Country Time, out of which only 5 hours are completed during the course of PPL.

He / She will also go for the Conversion Training and Endorsement of Cessna-172 aircraft as well as Flight Check for Passenger Rating after he/she completes the requirement for the same.

The approximate minimum total number of hours for the completion of Business Pilot Course is mentioned in the table below:

Flying Time for issue of PPL
Integrated Course 40:00 hours
Modular Course 50:00 hours
Flight Check for issue of PPL 01:00 hour
Additional Cross Country Required to complete the requirements for the issue of IR (PIC) 30:00 hours
Flying Time for issue of IR
Integrated Course 40:00 hours
Modular Course 50:00 hours
(These include 15 hours IFR Cross-Country as PIC U/S during IR Integrated and Modular Courses)
Night Flying 05:00 hours
(Must include 5 take offs and 5 landings at night as PIC)
Passenger Rating, Night Rating &IR Issue Checks 01:00+01:00+01:15 = 03:15 hours
Training and Endorsement Check of
Cessna-172 04:45 hours
Minimum Total Flying Required for
Business Pilots Course
Integrated Course 124:00 hours
Modular Course 144:00 hours