Sky Wings (PVT) Limited has an around the clock manned Flight Dispatch Unit. This unit is supervised by Pakistan Flight Dispatch Licensed, Flight Dispatchers with an over all experience of more than 35 years.
Sky Wings (PVT) Limited provides Flight Dispatch to commercial, corporate and general aviation clients. Few of the services that we provide are mentioned below :

alt text At Sky Wings (PVT) Limited we have a dedicated team of professionals along with a Network of agents around the world which enables us to obtain over flight and landing permissions for both ad-hoc and long-term scheduled flights. Our Flight Dispatch team has extensive knowledge and experience regarding intercontinental operating policies and procedures and can quickly act upon last minute itinerary changes and flight diversions with much precision.

alt text Our ground support specialists provide high quality, courteous and responsive ground service that ranges from VIP, passenger and cargo aircraft handling supervision to arranging VISA clearances, hotel accommodations and transportation for your corporate needs. The web portal helps the clients to design and book their own travel packages.

alt text A team of Flight Dispatchers working around the clock has the experience, capabilities and the required Flight Dispatch tools to provide Flight Dispatch services to all its clients as per the Standards and the requirements of ICAO and IATA in particular and any Civil Aviation regulatory authority in general.

alt text Computerized Flight planning is available as an Integral part of the services provided by Sky Wings (PVT) Limited Flight Support Services. We monitor current weather information and NOTAMs that pertain to your exact travel plans while filing your ATC flight plan. Flight Planning software has the capability of configuring your Aircraft technical data for an accurate CFPL along with the weathers (Destination, En- route and Alternates).Flight Dispatch unit will file your ATC Flight Plan for any destination worldwide to save the time and hassle for your crews. The flight will be monitored right from its departure till arrival at its destination through Satellite communication.

alt text Fuel Services are available through different vendors around the world.

Air Charters Brokerage Service

Sky Wings (PVT) Limited offers the best executive air charter services. The contractual fleet consists of, Boeing 737 BBJ, Boeing 737-800 and Gulf Streams. Our luxurious air charters provide you with a safe, discreet and professional way to travel. In addition to the fleet of privately owned and operated aircraft, Sky Wings (PVT) Limited Service’s contractual agreements with outside vendors offers you access to numerous other aircraft types in the charter market which is tailored to suit your charter flight requirements. Whether you are flying for corporate business or leisure travel, Sky Wings (PVT) Limited will provide you with the luxury and professional air charter services you expect and deserve. Through the use of VIP configured aircraft we can maximize your comfort and ensure your convenience.

Cargo and passenger charters are also available at Sky Wings (PVT) Limited Flight Support Services. Our ability to offer a full range of handling support, clearances provision and passenger services makes us uniquely qualified to be the one stop solution for all of your flight needs. Our trained representatives accompany your passengers/crew members to supervise the traffic (Passengers briefing and boarding) and baggage control, cargo loading and offloading procedures, customs and immigration clearances and any other related services as deemed necessary.