Commercial Pilot Course

The Commercial Pilot Course shall lead the Student Pilot from PPL to the attainment of Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

General Requirements

Aeronautical Knowledge

The Student Pilots, while undergoing the training for the issue of CPL will also undergo ground training in the following subjects:

Aeronautical Experience (CPL Integrated Course):

The Integrated Flying Training Course for the issue of CPL shall comprise of at least 200 hours Total Flying Experience (160 hours after PPL). These 200 hours must be completed within 18 months from the date of issue of SPL. At Sky Wings Flight Academy we endeavor to complete the course within 10 months. To cater for early completion of flying only limited number of students are accepted in each course. Each student is eligible to enroll for Diploma in Aviation Program. Check for your eligibility for Diploma Program at the Reception.