Top Gun 6

TOP GUN6: Flight Experience

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Earn your FIRST SIX (6) HOURS of flying and preparatory ground training experience at the Sky Wings Flight Academy! (PKR 75000 only)

This package will get you started on our exciting Private Pilot Certification Program. If you’ve always had a desire to fly and want to know what it takes to become a pilot, this is an opportunity to test your wings and begin your pilot journey! Build real-world experience and flight time.


Successful completion of this course also satisfies the prerequisite for admission into our Academy’s College-Level Professional Aviator Cadet Program for High School students in class 10 – 12 or who have completed HSC.

Our highly structured introduction, following the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge or From the Ground Up will cover aeronautical topics such as:

  • Principles & Aerodynamics of Flight
  • Aircraft Structure & Flight Controls
  • Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments & Navigation
  • Aircraft Performance & Weight and Balance
  • Weather Theory
  • Airspace & Airport Operations
  • Aeromedical Factors & Aeronautical Decision-Making

During the ground phase, your instructor will be using our Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) simulator as a learning tool. This simulator is used to demonstrate and reinforce important concepts and maneuvers that will be experienced during flight. As requirement, you are required to receive and log ‘ground instruction’ with an instructor. This phase of your training will be logged and counted toward the overall flight experience requirements needed to complete the Private Pilot Certification!

Knowledge Application with Actual Flight Experience

Students will step out of the classroom and into the pilot’s seat to apply the knowledge they learn in the ground course to both actual and simulated flight experience! The First Six (6) Hours is a three lesson package that includes the following, all of which is credited toward the Private Pilot Requirements:

■ Three (3) hours of combined ground school instructions and flight simulator experience.

■ Three (3) hours of ACTUAL flight time in one of our primary training aircraft (Cessna 152)!

■ With Course Completion receive:

■ Pilot Log Book with appropriate Instructor’s sign-offs

■ Certificate of Completion

■ Commemorative Photo

■ FREE customized T-Shirt with your name and “call sign” included!

■ Optional Add-On: Flights Recorded using GoPro Camera + Live Audio … PKR 2000 per flight recorded

PRICE: PKR 75000