A person aspiring to receive flight training at Sky Wings Flight Academy shall have to fulfill following requirements for admission as Student Pilot

For PPL:

Minimum Age:17 years And Minimum Educational Qualification: O level / Matric / Equivalent

For CPL:

Minimum Age:18 years And Minimum Educational Qualification: A level / Inter / FSc./ FA/ Equivalent

Medical Fitness

Declared medically fit by Civil Aviation Medical Board (CAMB) for the appropriate license. Further details are available on Civil Aviation Authority, Pakistan website


The candidate who fulfills the pre-requisites for admission will follow the procedure given below for admission in Sky Wings Flight Academy.

Once the candidate gets the Medical Fitness Certificate from CAMB, he/she will have to appear in a written examination for admission. This examination will be comprised of two parts:


►General Science and Mathematics

On clearing the examination, the candidate will fill-in the admission forms and will fly an evaluation flight with the CFI or a Senior Instructor designated by the CFI. The evaluating instructor will submit a written report in the Student Pilot Folder mentioning whether or not the candidate has enough aptitude to continue further training. After his approval and with at least three hours of flying the student pilot will be issued a Student Pilot License (SPL).

The candidate declared fit for further training by evaluating instructor will then undergo ground and flying training sessions as scheduled. It will be mandatory for the candidate to acquire basic knowledge on ground about aircrafts, aircraft systems, instruments, flight and engine controls, limitations, normal and emergency procedures, as well as local and standard operating procedures prior to the commencement of flying training. This is done through Ground Schooling for which the students will undergo a prescribed Ground Training Course duly approved from the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan. Note: Please check for Diploma and Degree Programs at Reception.