Simulator Training is a vital part of any professional flight training program, therefore our flight simulator department is equipped with an AST 3000 universal convertible Flying Training Device (FTD) along with the CRJ700. Also RJAA has acquired a new AlSIM ALX ( Jet light / Med, Single Engine , Multi Engine, Turbo Prop and Glass Cockpit ) advanced Simulator to be online for Training. The new AST3000 universal convertible (FTD) offers the latest technology available in fully digital, software driven flight training device. The patented linear force control loading allows the new AST3000 universal (FTD) to give the student real flying experience. Our Category of Simulators is fully-approved by the JCARC and they are used as advanced training devices for single and multi-engine operations, ranging from piston engine aircraft, turbine engine aircraft and jet engine aircraft.

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Jet Engine & Glass Cockpit
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FTD, S/E, M/E, Piston & Turbo Prop
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Jet light / Med, S/E, M/E, Turbo Prop & Glass Cockpit